SPONSORSHIP COMMISSION: Wildlife Rescue Joey Pouch or Bat Wrap


Shipping to United States: Free

I got an email asking me if I still hold on to scrap fabric. (Of course I do. All of the left over fabric from cutting out aprons I store until the end of the year every year.)

She asked me to make her a custom Joey Pouch for orphaned kangaroos and to ship it to an address in Australia.
I did a little research and discovered there is a huge drive to send wildlife supplies to critters in need from the brush fires there.
I asked why she didn't make it herself and she told me it was because she can't use her sewing machine due to arthritis.

Now normally I would charge $10 plus shipping for this item but I offered to just charge her for the time it took to make which is 10 minutes from cut to finish so my time at $18/h is
$3 for the pouch
$0.20 Etsy listing fee
$0.65 Etsy Transaction fee

I asked if I could share her story and see if anyone else wanted to outsource their sewing needs to me because it would help cover cost of shipping. She agreed.

I am listing the commission here so that anyone wanting me to make a pouch or wrap can purchase 10 minutes of my time. I am donating the fabric, the cost of the item goes to shipping and to cover the cost of time I spend sewing the item.

Most asked questions:

Q: Any chance you can claim them as a tax write-off?
A: I can, but tax write-offs won't cover the bills I can't pay if I give the time away making them when I could be making aprons to sell for profit.

Q: Why can't you just make them and ship them without selling them?
A: While it is 100% noble to make the items for free and ship them for free, I do not have the ability to volunteer the time. Time I spend making each item is time away from paid orders that cover the cost of living (rent/utilities/wifi/etc). You are, in essence, buying time so that I can sew, the item, not the actual item.

This item is ready to ship in 1-2 weeks and will ship out in batches of 25. You will receive a notice when your item is shipped.

NOTES: If you would rather donate directly to a fundraiser or have the ability to sew yourself, patterns and fundraisers can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/arfsncrafts/

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