Passion for Geekery

I started this business in 2013 as a response to my Cosplay based line of clothing taking over my original business (www.DelightfullyDeviant.com). This business is what I live for! I strive hard to ensure each of my customers gets a perfect, quality product made to their specifications with the best-quality fabric I can manage at as low a cost as I can manage. Every stitch is done with care and all my products last. I do custom orders from time to time, including cosplay items for those who request them.

I'm a self-taught seamstress. I've been sewing clothing since I was a little girl, mostly things I could wear to school. Even back then I wore skirts. I created my own uniform skirts for marching band and my first job! All of my patterns are my own creations.

Want to know More about me?
Send me a friend request or follow my exploits as I share photos and updates as I work in the manufacturing studio!

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